Xero Accounting – It’s Amazing

Completing your accounting regularly is something that can either cost you a lot of money or take you lots of time.  Either option is not particularly appealing.  Xero is an easy to use cloud accounting package which can be accessed on any device, any time, that is both affordable and save you heaps of time.  Where Xero has an advantage over other cloud software is that it can integrate with hundreds of awesome third party apps that suit your particular business needs.

For Example, if you have a debtor problem, there is an add on that integrates with Xero to follow up unpaid invoices, automatically, so you don’t have to do it.  If you have inventory that you want to manage and track, there is a Point of Sale application that can seamlessly integrate with Xero.  Xero has integrations with CRM’s, Payroll & HR, Documents and many more.

See more integrations here.

If you become a client of Supervision we will include Xero as part of your monthly service package.  If you currently do not use Xero, Supervision can help you to transfer across with minimal disruption and help you to integrate it with your business systems.

Xero has out of the box reports and dashboards which can be added to depending on what type of data you need to make your business successful.

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