Bank Rates or Interest Rates

ANZ V2 PLUS Account

Interest Rate

Due to the fluctuating nature of interest rates provided by banks, we are not providing the current interest rate on our website.  Please contact Supervision to find out what the current interest rate is for the above mentioned account.

Further Information- SMSF Philosophy

It is important to understand that most bank account products that have low fees and transaction costs, will have lower interest rates than more traditional savings accounts.  For SMSF’s the idea is to use your bank account as a transactional hub which can facilitate investment transactions in other investments at low fees.  For example, you can transfer money from your transactional account to a term deposit which pays a higher rate of interest or invest in other assets like shares or managed funds.  The advantage of using transactional accounts this way is to make sure that your money is invested in assets that pay a rate of return in line with your investment strategy (maximising returns whilst matching your risk profile) and a transactional account that has low fees and charges but provides good online services.