Investment Portfolio

Do you have investment assets in Company, Partnerships, Personal & Trust Structures that are difficult to monitor, maintain and cost you a small fortune every tax time?

Scrap your Spreadsheets and Large Fees because Supervision has the Answer

Supervision can create online, updated portfolio’s for all your investments regardless of the entity in which it sits.

The assets we can provide consolidated reporting for include:

  1. Listed and Unlisted Shares
  2. Real Property, Residential and Commercial
  3. Term Deposits
  4. Cash, Bank Accounts & Fixed Income Assets
  5. Managed Funds
  6. Any other Legal Assets

Be armed with the right information so you can:

Apply for Finance Quickly, Manage Tax, Take Advantage of Opportunities and Present your Organisation Professionally

Don’t be left behind when it comes to the latest and best reporting tools for your entity.

View and Monitor with the latest dashboards and executive reporting including:

  1. Income
  2. Expenses
  3. Capital Gains/Losses
  4. Investment Valuation
  5. Performance and Benchmarking

Supervision provide quotations for tailored portfolio services. Our monthly fees are based on our service rather than asset values, so there is no penalty when your wealth grows.

Supervision Group does not provide any personal financial advice therefore we don’t recommend investments to you.  We are able to guide you on the tax outcomes of your decisions under our tax agent licence. We welcome working with your financial adviser if you have one.

Our role is to make sure that your portfolio of assets is updated and you are fully armed with the information you need to make quality decisions. We have solutions that will make creating and maintaining your wealth easy and cost effective.

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