Supervision Group understands that Insurance is a vital part of your Business, SMSF or personal risk reduction strategy. We have an online insurance solution for Self Managed Superannuation Funds and also referral partners who can deliver personalised service.

There are two important steps in getting insurance.

• Assessing your needs
• Getting a Quotation

The claims process must be considered as highly as the acquisition process. If you are not able to process your claim efficiently, then the point of insurance is completely lost. This is where an insurance broker may be able to use their experience in making claims to guide you.

For Businesses, it may be important to insure your partners and key personnel. You may need to also insure your business premises if you own them and make sure all of plans are in place in case of the worst. If you rely heavily on your salary and wages to pay back your debts, insurance is vital to make sure your family is protected.

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