Cloud Integrations

Cloud computing is great but to get the most out of your software purchases, all the parts should talk to each other.  This is what is meant by Cloud Integration.  If you realise that Cloud computing is the only way to go, you need to know which parts of your accounting and business systems will talk to each other to form a complete IT environment.  Supervision use Xero which has over 200 add on applications that streamline running your business.  You are able to add on Customer Relationship Managers, Ecommerce, Bill & Expenses, Debtor Tracking, Inventory, Point of Sale, Time Tracking, Payments, Financial Services & many more

Let Supervision help you to construct an efficient and workable business systems so you can concentrate on building your business

Using an integrated add on will speed up your tasks and reduce the need for double entry.  It may allow your team to seamlessly quote, invoice and create jobs all from one device, even on a mobile device on site.

The efficiencies that this type of integration allows is exciting for smaller to medium sized businesses who don’t have the ability to pay teams of people to help them complete their work.  Businesses that have integrated systems that are easy to manage become more valuable in the longer term.

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