How do I get it?

Before deciding on your insurance needs it’s important to have a conversation with those closest to you – your partner, your family or even a friend – about what risks you and your family face, and how you would cope financially if the worst were to happen.

This conversation, along with your income, debts and lifestyle, will guide you as to what type and level of cover you need.

Over 95% of people in Australia are underinsured1, so it’s important to ensure you have enough cover. You have two options to purchase or increase your insurance:

  1. Speak to a financial adviser – they can offer comprehensive advice specific to you about the types of insurance and levels you need.
  2. Click on this link below to calculate how much insurance you need, get an immediate quote and apply for cover if it meets your satisfaction – while you probably have some life insurance through your super, research shows that you may remain exposed to the risk of financial hardship in the event of accident, sickness or death by not having the right type or amount of cover.

1 The Lifewise / NATSEM Underinsurance Report – February 2010

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