Access Investment Research

You may be asking, “How will I find out what investment is right for my SMSF?”


It is a really important question to answer.  SMSF investors can often have a bias, some towards property whilst others to shares. Typically these biases or preferences come down to past experiences and their perceived understanding of that investment.

One of the distinct benefits of SMSF is that you have control to choose your strategy, the timing of when to buy or sell, what investments to choose and to whom you may engage to assist where you are not the expert. There is good reason why well designed portfolios are diversified.

You may not be an expert in a particular asset class, but that is not a sound reason to exclude this asset class from your portfolio.

All investment classes run in cycles and it is for this reason that professionally designed portfolios are diversified to reduce the impact of dramatic fluctuation in returns. Everyone has a tolerance to loss. In fact it can be measured to determine what an individual’s tolerance to risk is. Based on this measurement portfolio construction can help to accommodate risk tolerance. It should also be said that quite often risk tolerance and desired returns do not often match. To put this simply we often desire higher growth returns but cannot stomach when a loss of capital occurs. This is where a professional financial adviser will help to work through these anomalies to determine if a change of lifestyle expectation, investment performance or risk acceptance or a combination of all is required to achieve one’s long term goals.

Investment Research: Buying Expertise

Supervision SMSF can help to put you in touch with wealth managers, financial planners, stock brokers and lifestyle planners if you need to get to the starting line quickly. You may even have already engaged that professional person to help you to kick off your SMSF and set the investment foundations for it.   Like anything you buy, it will be up to you to decide if the services you receive meet your expectations and service requirements.  Supervision SMSF is not owned by these alliance partners or large institutions so we have no reason other than professional standards to put you in touch.  Supervision SMSF has decided not to enter into investment planning but focus on the delivery of accounting services. We do however have a vested interest making sure the people we recommend can and do deliver the best service and the most appropriate advice based on investment research.

Investment Research: Building Expertise

We can help you to take-off on your investment journeys with introductions and support to all types of investment categories. Supervision has resources to provide you investment research about Listed Shares, Managed Funds, Property, Fixed income and Cash products. We can do this in many different ways, investment research Seminars, One on One meetings, Webinars, Notes, Pamphlets, News and Updates.  We would also encourage our clients to seek out professional courses on SMSF & investment, which Supervision SMSF may provide or sponsor.  Again, you do not need to engage in every type of investment category, so don’t feel under pressure to take on the world at once.  You build experience and understanding over time with rigorous investment research, not in five minutes.


Supervision SMSF is serious about learning, to learn more, please see our other topics.