Investment Options: What you can do?

One of the great benefits of SMSF is the flexibility to invest in anything legal and be able to choose from the universe of the best investment options in the market place.

Cash, Bonds, Term Deposits, shares, instalment warrants, options, managed funds, syndicates, direct property, art, coins and notes, collectibles and other investment types…

At Supervision SMSF we enable you to have this full flexibility if you want it!!!

Many investors do not need nor want maximum flexibility and access to highly sophisticated investment options and strategies that are complex and more expensive to administer.

For this reason Supervision SMSF has created 3 ongoing service packages to suit the needs for each type of investor.

At Supervision SMSF you can select and enjoy any one of the great service solutions knowing that your SMSF will receive the same excellent attention to detail in the background. Clients can change between packages in the future.

The three service packages are:

Take Control

The Take Control package is:

  • A low cost solution aimed at delivering maximum value.
  • Cash account,
  • Term deposit platform
  • Online share trading platform;
  • Life insurance solution.
  • If you do not need to consider direct property, managed funds, collectibles, unlisted shares or other investment options, then this is a great solution for you.
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More Flexibility

Ideal offering for those who:

  • May wish to take control of their superannuation also seek greater flexibility.
  • Want everything that is available in Take Control but;
  • Enable your SMSF to borrow and invest into Australian Real Estate.
  • Want a wider range of investment and service solutions to achieve your investment objectives.
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Total Peace of Mind

Enable your SMSF to:

  • Engage with all superannuation investment options and insurance solutions in the market place.
  • You can consider and undertake any complex or sophisticated strategies allowable under SIS legislation.
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