SMSF Audit

Why pay excessive SMSF audit fees when at Supervision SMSF your SMSF Audit is included in the fixed price package for no extra charge.

Does low cost for an SMSF audit mean low quality?

Supervision SMSF undertakes daily administration and has extensively built data feeds for a significant number of providers. Records for all SMSF’s are maintained electronically via a dedicated SMSF portal where the SMSF auditor can efficiently login, gain access and conduct the SMSF audit without requiring physical documents. The efficiency of the SMSF audit process has significantly enabled Supervision SMSF to achieve high quality SMSF audits without high costs.

Who does the SMSF Audit?

Supervision SMSF engages the services of independent and external specialist SMSF auditors. Supervision SMSF currently engages one of Australia’s largest SMSF specialist auditors. Supervision SMSF continuously monitors its SMSF Audit partners and undertakes an annual review of the service providers to ensure quality assurance and high audit standards required for clients.

How is the SMSF Audit performed?

In the past a SMSF Audit meant transporting large files of paperwork from our office to our SMSF auditors. The team of SMSF auditors would then line by line check of transactions with supporting paperwork and conduct the necessary calculations and compliance checks to complete the process. This process could take half a day or more!

Now everything is electronic, no transporting of files, no paper and virtually no manual calculations. Technology as helped to increase accuracy, performing calculations and all the checks and balances that is needed to audit an SMSF. The time taken to complete a SMSF audit is a fraction of what it used to be.

Can I elect to choose my own SMSF Auditor?

No, we have tried that and it does not work. In order to achieve maximum efficiency, consistent quality and lower costs requires Supervision SMSF to manage the process with the SMSF Auditors that we appoint.

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