Is running a SMSF complicated?

The rules governing SMSF’s are virtually the same for all Superannuation.  Whilst we can’t stress enough that you understand what your roles and responsibilities are when considering establishing and running a self managed super fund, the role of Supervision SMSF is to take out the guess work and guide you to meet your ongoing administration and regulatory obligations. With Supervision taking care of your daily administration and compliance obligations, running a SMSF is not difficult.

The other serious matter in running a SMSF is whether you intend to spend hours upon hours researching investments and implementing sophisticated strategies or outsourcing the investment decisions to a professional adviser and taking a more passive role.

Some people enjoy taking the time and have the skills to make excellent investment decisions whilst others hate the idea of spending their valuable time on an area that they quite frankly prefer not doing or do not have the skills to perform. Either way, running a SMSF can provide the ideal structure to an active or passive approach to investing.


Whilst you need to understand what your responsibilities are to your SMSF, you don’t need to be a lawyer to run your SMSF on a day to day basis.


As the “boss” of your own Super Fund, you have full control over your investment strategy.  Running a self managed super fund can be as complicated or as simple as you want to make it.


The number of investment choices in an SMSF may seem “virtually” limitless, but the most successful SMSF’s have chosen an investment strategy which has a well researched core focus and added diversification.


Supervision SMSF provides all the tools you need in Knowledge, Investment and Choice.  We take care of your annual compliance needs but more importantly give you the assistance you need to connect the rest together.

SMSF doesn't need to be complicated; there are so many tools that Supervision SMSF can provide which takes the time & effort out of running a SMSF and creating your Super dreams. To get started and learn more, all you need to do is call or send us an email.

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