Why SMSF with Supervision?

There are many reasons why SMSF should be left to Supervision.

Experienced Team

With over 10 years history and a cumulative 50+ years SMSF experience you have peace of mind knowing that you have selected the winning crew for your retirement vehicle.

Awesome Value

Supervision offers the best valued SMSF service in Australia. You get all the extras without the luxury price tag to drive your retirement vehicle further.


Connected to your online portfolio you won’t be looking back into the rear view.  Your SMSF dashboard will help you keep your eyes on the road ahead. Access any time, anywhere, on any device.


Team Supervision are real, local and approachable.  As the SMSF driver you choose your preferred method of communication with your support team.


Supervision don’t just talk about our impact on the environment. Whenever we can, we choose to reduce paper and postage to lighten our footprint.

Easy to Understand

We make SMSF easy and uncomplicated by taking out the jargon so you can have greater understanding and confidence.

The Elements

Supervision brings all of the elements of SMSF together so you can concentrate on building your Super.  Select from a vast variety of investment options within easy reach.


We provide extensive technical support and education.  It’s this shared knowledge that gives you the edge. You will see why SMSF is right for you.

Talk with an SMSF Expert

We can match you with an SMSF Expert who can answer all your questions. Call us on 1300 693 863 or use the button to make an appointment.

All Packages include:


Corporate Trustee Establishment $799

Free Individual Establishment


Tax Return

Daily Administration

24/7 Online Portfolio Access

Electronic Newsletter

Portfolio Reports

Electronic Signatures

Learning Resources


Annual SMSF Review

Access to Financial Advisor

Portal: Workflow, Portfolio, Investment Access

Online Documents

Email Support

Telephone Support


Bank Account Establishment

Term Deposit Establishment

Share Trading Platform

Some choose Supervision SMSF because we are specialists in self managed super funds.

With over 10 years history and a cumulative 50+ years SMSF experience our clients have peace of mind that we know what we are doing. We suspect there are not many who consider superannuation, administration, compliance, preparing financials, audits, dealing with enquiries and lodging tax returns all that exciting. That is why SMSF tasks are often left for later, not done well or possibly not done at all. Our customers value what we do because we ‘get it’ when it comes to SMSF and if even better we ‘get it done’ on time, leaving you to do what you do best or better still what you enjoy doing.

The team at Supervision SMSF are real, we are all local and we are approachable. Our customers are pleased to know that they can communicate with us via email, telephone, skype or in person. We actually enjoy engaging with you. This is why SMSF has become more accessible to those who don’t understand it.

Financial jargon can be difficult to understand and to many it is just ‘gobbly gook’. It is often mentioned that we at Supervision make superannuation and SMSF easy to understand. We don’t see why SMSF should be so complicated. Our honest and straight talking approach using easy to understand diagrams and language is what works for our clients. We are not your typical bunch of accountants!!!  We believe in technology to make life easier and to help keep costs down. We have proven that technology and electronic data can improve accuracy, increase efficiency to complete work, reduce paperwork, reduce unnecessary mail and make the SMSF experience easier.

Our customers also believe in doing things a better way to not only have a positive impact on our environment but to achieve the many benefits that follow including lower fees for our services. In fact the less data processing we do because of technology gains and the more we talk and engage with you to add real value the happier we are!

We don’t understand why SMSF companies charge so much for their services. We also don’t see why SMSF can’t be easily accessible wherever you are. The fees at Supervision SMSF are highly competitive. Ranging from just $990 p.a to $2640 p.a for a comprehensive service is really incredible when we look at what most in the market place are still charging (2,500 – $5,000 p.a) for a once a year service. Even more incredible is that Supervision SMSF provides daily administration and you have 24/7 access to your portfolio. In addition you also get access to a dedicated SMSF portal providing access to documents, forms, investment and insurance platforms, learning resources and more… Our latest achievement is electronic signing – you can now be on a cruise in the Bahamas or visiting Paris when you access your financials and 5 minutes later sign them electronically for Supervision SMSF to lodge with the ATO on your behalf. You can see why SMSF holders think we are pretty cool.

Customers say that the results of what we do make them look Savvy, Informed and Wealthy to others. We feel pretty special when our hard work transpires to awesome outcomes and happiness for our customers. The team at Supervision provide a sincere, energetic and engaging experience to all. We believe that trust is earned over time from consistently delivering upon our promise to you. Find out why SMSF holders are trusting us with their investment today!

Talk with an SMSF Expert

We can match you with an SMSF Expert who can answer all your questions. Call us on 1300 693 863 or use the button to make an appointment.