Are you paying high fees to manage your SMSF?

Paying high fees to manage your SMSF as a once a year shoebox is a thing of the past.  Traditional accounting models are outdated and uncompetitive.  Supervision challenges traditional accounting models with its fully integrated SMSF solution.

Since 2003, Supervision SMSF have specialised in SMSF and pushed the limits of efficiency to reduce the cost of running an SMSF.  Lower costs are achievable because we have found ways to utilise existing technologies to improve SMSF administration.  Lower costs are achievable when your team specialise in SMSF only.  When you reach scale, you can negotiate and decrease prices for your customers.  When you reach our size you are able to negotiate referral fees from big investment houses to subsidise accounting and administration fees.

It may not be rocket science but it is the way of the future and we have achieved it so you can benefit now. Our model is high volume, low margin.  We make SMSF easier and affordable for any Australian that wants one.  See our detailed fees and services below.

Free Transition

Under our current Promotional offer, it is FREE to transition your SMSF to SUPERVISION SMSF. For details on what are included in the transition, please click here.

Monthly Compliance Fee

For the 2015 Financial Year onwards, SUPERVISION SMSF attends to all the taxation and accounting obligations including the audit for your Superfund for an annual FIXED FEE, irrespective of the number of transactions made by your Superfund, the size of your Superfund or the number of members. Our monthly fee includes attending to annual compliance obligations for your SMSF including:

  • Preparation of an annual Balance Sheet
  • Preparation of an annual Profit & Loss Statement
  • Preparation of annual Member Statements
  • Preparation of annual Trustee Resolutions & Minutes
  • Preparation and Lodgement of an annual Income Tax Return
  • Preparation of an annual Audit

Importantly, the first year compliance fee is not an introductory offer. The annual compliance fee offered is available on a continual basis. For more information on the fee schedule please click here.

Please note our FREE First Year Offer to new SMSF’s does NOT apply to Existing SMSF’s. Previously established SMSF’s must have year end balances and tax history updated before we can commence, which does not allow us to offer a Free first year.

When do I start paying my fees?

Upon a successful transition, Supervision SMSF will establish a monthly direct debit of fees, based on the package you have selected.

When your first annual compliance work is completed, we will deduct any outstanding months until it equals one full year’s fees.  Example: If you have paid 10 months fees from regular payments you will be billed 2 months when your annual compliance work is completed.  Any subsequent years will not have any make up payments.

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