SMSF Options: Featured Add-on’s

In any package, assess your superannuation options and add the extras to turbo charge your SMSF.

These extra superannuation options are not compulsory but we believe they can add significant value regardless of whether you are flying solo or you have an adviser.


Why Insurance?

If you start an SMSF you may need to replace life insurance that you had in your previous Superannuation Policy


Your superannuation options should be considered when looking for a package. Supervision SMSF can administer any insurance policy you choose in the total peace of mind package. We provide AIA Australia as the current option for insurance in the Take Control & More Flexibility Packages.

How Does It Work

Supervision Clients can use the convenient online system, which calculates how much life insurance you need and your SMSF options associated with them, and then allows you to complete an online quotation before you complete your application. Once your application is completed your SMSF will pay for the premiums.

How Much Does it Cost

Insurance premiums are calculated on various factors including your age, current health & amount of cover you want to apply for.


Why Research?

Skaffold is a unique share research tool that allows users to filter and focus the top performing ASX listed and international companies.  The system is based on statistical analysis of company financial reports and will help you in deciding on your SMSF options.


You are able to purchase a twelve month subscription and receive a discount for upfront payment or pay by the month and cancel at any time, giving you a broad range of superannuation options.

How Does It Work

The software is completely cloud based, so no need to download or store programs. All you need is a browser and an internet connection.

Your subscription will give you access to webinars and seminars so you can hit the ground running.

How Much Does it Cost

Pay Annually in advance $875 (Equivalent to $73/month)

Pay Monthly as you go $99 a month (Equivalent to $1,188/Year)

Managed Portfolios

Why Managed Portfolios?

Bellmont Securities is our current managed portfolio provider. A Managed portfolio of Australia’s top 30 Blue Chip shares are managed for you. This gives you better SMSF options.


Bellmont has two investment options.

These options include Core Equities which is a diversified blue chip equities portfolio & Buy Write Portfolio which uses the same base of assets but with a Buy Write overlay to reduce downside risk.

How Does It Work

You can apply online and then have a meeting with a Bellmont Representative who can further explain how they select investments. All listed purchases are in your SMSF’s name and all dividends and franking credits are for your SMSF to keep.

How Much Does it Cost

Core Equities

$25,000-499,999 = 1.30%

$500,000- $1,000,000 = 1.10%

$1,000,000 = .90%


$25,000-499,999 = 1.60%

$500,000- $1,000,000 = 1.40%

$1,000,000 = 1.20%

SMSF people need the best add on products to create the complete SMSF picture and provide them with more superannuation options.  Supervision have selected these SMSF options and will add more as time moves on.

Get the Add On’s That Get Your SMSF Racing!

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