Take Control Package

The Take Control package is ideal for the vast majority considering SMSF. It is an excellent starter package to grow your superannuation wealth.

In the take control package you will be treated with the same care that SUPERVISION SMSF provide in other packages. We acknowledge that if you only need access to cash, term deposits, ASX listed – shares, options, property trusts and exchange traded funds that can be data fed into our system then we should reward you with a low cost solution. In selecting this package you are not locked in and should you wish to enjoy the extra flexibility of the ‘More Flexibility’ or ‘Total Peace of Mind’ package then you are Free to let us know to upgrade at any time in the future.

The ‘Take Control’ package is ideal for those who:

Want an SMSF but don’t want to pay fees for things they don’t need.

Need to pay as little as possible because their account balance needs boosting.

Want to invest in traditional assets now but want the flexibility to evolve and grow to into other assets

Only need access to investments in cash, term deposits and ASX listed – shares, options, property trusts and exchange traded funds or warrants.

The Take Control package is a low cost solution aimed at delivering maximum value. If you do not need to consider direct property, managed funds, collectibles, unlisted shares and other unique investment solutions that require us to do more, then this is a great solution for you.

The Take Control package offers excellent investment, insurance and service solutions to assist you in growing your superannuation wealth.

The choice of Australian listed shares, options, listed property trusts, exchange traded funds or warrants are unlimited in this package. You can select any ASX listed investment. You can select any term deposit listed on the AMM Term deposit platform. The term deposit platform allows extensive choice of term and a wide selection of institutions and competitive rates for you to compare. Supervision has also included an outstanding insurance option for the members of your SMSF.

Why pay more if you want a portfolio of ASX listed investments, term deposits and cash.

If you want to get to the finishing line quicker then start your race towards securing your financial future with the ‘Take Control’ package.

Bank Account

When you become a client of SUPERVISION SMSF, a compulsory Bank Account will be established for your SMSF which will act as the transaction account for your SMSF.

Term Deposit Platform

When you become a client of SUPERVISION SMSF, a Compulsory Australian Money Market Term Deposit Platform Account will be established for your SMSF which will act as the Term Deposit Platform for your SMSF.

The Term Deposit Platform provides excellent flexibility to a wide range of term deposit accepting institutions, competitive rates and terms ranging from 1 month to 5 years.

Stock Broking Services

When you become a client of SUPERVISION SMSF, a Compulsory CMC Markets Online Broking Account will be established for your SMSF which will act as the default broking facility where you can trade ASX listed shares on behalf of your SMSF. The cost to trade shares is offered at $26.00 or 0.15% whichever is greater.

There are no restrictions on which ASX listed shares, property trusts, exchange traded funds or warrants may be selected. Anything available on that platform is possible in this package.

Life and Total & Permanent Disability Insurance

When you become a client of SUPERVISION SMSF you will be given access to a SMSF group Life Insurance Solution provided by AGI and AIA. Convenient online access is provided to quote and apply. Depending on your level of cover, minimal medical questions and requirements are required. Insurance is not compulsory in an SMSF or when you join Supervision, but it is a requirement to consider it as part of your investment strategy.


Supervision may choose to change the above list of investment and insurance solutions over time. A current list of approved products and service providers will be made available for your future use.

To access a wider range of products or services outside the list you may consider Supervision SMSF’s ‘More Flexibility’ or ‘Total Peace of Mind Package’.

Why can’t my accountant compete with this service and price?

Our fees can be offered at our advertised price for two reasons.

  1. We have commercial arrangements with all third party suppliers which help to subsidise the cost of professional accounting work.
  2. Using our providers helps our team get the job done quickly and effectively which keeps costs down. Our providers are selected because they understand what SMSF companies and trustees need- cost effective SMSF solutions.
What's the catch?

There is no catch, Supervision employs a highly qualified team that does not take short cuts. Our processes have been developed for scale and accuracy with all aspects of the business managed to produce low prices for you. All quoted costs and prices from our suppliers will not be impacted or reduced by our commercial arrangements. What you see is what you get. If you already have an SMSF’s, you can’t start in the “Take Control” package, you must select the “More Flexibility” or “Total Peace of Mind” packages.

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