Introducing ANZ V2 PLUS Bank Account

The ANZ V2 PLUS account is an integrated cash management account that maximises investment returns without the need to sacrifice flexibility or security. ANZ V2 PLUS accounts are designed to make cash management easy for both you and your adviser.


  • No set-up fees.
  • No monthly, exit or ongoing account service fees.
  • Free cheque withdrawals through the dedicated V2 PLUS Service Centre


  • Attractive interest rate
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid quarterly

Easily Accessible

  • ANZ Internet Banking
  • ANZ mobile banking app
  • Phone banking via the dedicated V2 PLUS Service Centre on 1800 282 3451
  • At any ANZ branchV2 PLUS Service Centre


  • ANZ V2 PLUS accounts are covered by the Australian Government Deposit Guarantee Scheme2
  • The security that comes with banking with a Tier 1 Australian bank
  • The experience of a bank that has been operating for over 180 years


  • The ability to grant your financial adviser either ‘full transactional’ or ‘view-only’ access to your ANZ V2 PLUS account, depending on your needs
  • Account holders can access their account balance and transaction history anytime via ANZ Internet Banking or ANZ goMoney


  • Integration with systems that make your adviser’s job easier, such as:
    – Securities clearing and settlement systems
    – Accounting software
    – CRM and reporting systems
    – SMSF administration systems
  • Accurate transaction descriptions, making auditing easy

How it works

Establish Your Account

Supervision will establish your ANZ V2 PLUS Account for you either when you establish your SMSF with Supervision or if you transfer across to Supervision from another administration firm.

The establishment process requires you to provide ID. A certified copy of your drivers licence and your passport will be enough to satisfy your requirements. If you are coming into the office to sign your documents, we can copy and certify your ID.

ANZ will post you a letter with all of your online banking details once your application has been received and accepted.

Supervision can not make withdrawals on your behalf. In order to make withdrawals, you must use the online banking facilities provided by ANZ.

Up & Running

Once you have logged into your Bank Account, you can start completing required bank transactions.

As a central hub account, the ANZ V2 PLUS will communicate with other important facilities like-Term Deposit Platforms and Online Share Trading Platforms (our preferred suppliers), so that buying shares or placing term deposits is easy and does not require manual movement of funds. Integration also means that you can see the balance of available cash before making trades.

When you make a trade, upon settlement, your funds will automatically be withdrawn to satisfy your trades. All the while, a constant stream of data is allowing our team to get on with coding your bank statements without requesting paper. You can store your statements according to your requirements.

Daily online banking limits apply (not for linked share trades or term deposits), but if you do have a transaction that you need completed, you can request ANZ increase your limit for a short period of time.

For more information about ANZ V2 PLUS account please click here

Reporting & Documentation

Because the ANZ V2 PLUS provides a constant stream of data to Supervision’s software provider each and every day, we are able to keep your SMSF up to date. This means that you know exactly where you stand with your SMSF as investments and expenses are updated.

The result of content being updated constantly is quick turn around times for tax returns and any other special tasks that need to be completed like pension commencements.

If your SMSF is up to date, you can monitor your contributions to make sure they remain underneath caps. You are also able to monitor pension minimum requirements and measure your progress on a daily basis. This is not possible without a bank account that does not dispense data daily.

ANZ can and will provide Supervision with any statements that have been previously overlooked or are needed for auditing purposes.

The way that Supervision accesses your SMSF bank account statements means that you never have to send Supervision copies of your bank statement. You will be able to choose whether you want to receive the statements in the post or electronically download them from your online facilities.

ANZ V2 PLUS Account Request

To request an ANZ V2 PLUS Account be established for you, please fill out the form below and we can help start the process.

Please read the important documents before completing your application.