Using Supervision

You may not realise it yet, but not all SMSF Accountants function the same way. Our mission is to help people to get SMSF’s done quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Supervision is unique in that it has a dedicated Team processing your SMSF transactions every day. This provides your SMSF with the most up to date portfolio information, making the right decision easy.

We connect the separate parts of an SMSF together with one aim in mind- to make owning an SMSF as easy as possible.

“Before joining Supervision, I used to spend hours and hours putting together my documentation for my accountant to prepare my tax return. To know how much my SMSF was worth, I had to create spreadsheets which needed constant updating. I was very close to closing my SMSF because it took me so long to complete every year.


It took about 1 month with Supervision until I realised that SMSF can be easy. They established all of the accounts that I needed and connected everything together to make it unbelievably streamlined. All I need to do now is concentrate on how to make more profit in my SMSF. The only regret is not getting started with them earlier.” – Satisfied Client

If you are not able to get daily valuations and financial data, how can you make the right investment decisions? Even if you have an adviser helping you with your decisions, keeping tabs on your SMSF has never been this easy.

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Take Control

The Take Control package is ideal for the vast majority considering a Self Managed Super Fund. It is an excellent starter package to grow your superannuation wealth.

More Flexibility

This is an ideal offering for those who may not only wish to take control of their superannuation but also seeks greater flexibility than what is offered in the ‘Take Control’ package.

Total Peace of Mind

This is an ideal offer for those who wish to take control of their superannuation and seek maximum flexibility beyond that offered in the ‘Take Control’ and ‘More Flexibility’ packages.

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