Growing in Number & Value

As at March 2020, the nearly 600,000 SMSFs in Australia had a combined total of 1.119 million members. The total dollar value accounted for $676 billion, or about 25% of the $2.7 trillion invested in superannuation.

A Self-Managed Superannuation Fund is a structure that allows you total control over your Superannuation investments. In an SMSF you become the decision maker and beneficiary of your Super. A wide variety of independent surveys over the past 10 years have revealed the main reason people establish an SMSF is a desire for greater control.


The advantages that people associate with SMSF’s

  • Maximum Control of investments
  • Maximum flexibility in investment/insurance choice
  • Total transparency in the costs of running the fund
  • Increased tax planning options
  • Increased estate planning options
  • The ability to borrow and invest into specific assets like shares and property
  • The ability to directly own shares, property, and other asset classes
  • The ability to pool funds to make larger direct investments
  • The ability to tailor an investment strategy for each member or individual members
  • To share and reduce costs
  • The ability to transfer business real property into SMSF
  • The ability to transfer personal share holdings into SMSF


As the sector has grown to be the second biggest in Superannuation, the provision of services supporting SMSF have become more professional and technologically advanced. The following services have become greatly enhanced resulting in SMSF’s becoming easier and less expensive to own.

  • Administration
  • Tax & Accounting
  • Software & data services
  • Research
  • Audit
  • Actuarial & Legal
  • Investments & Investment Platforms
  • Insurance

Setting up a new SMSF or
transferring an existing account?

Supervision SMSF has built an all-encompassing solution that delivers a convenient, accessible, and easy to use platform to manage an SMSF. It has helped to transform how SMSF is managed and how affordable it can be.

Our Philosophy

Supervision SMSF’s goal is to help anyone that wants an SMSF to establish and run it affordably. Our philosophy since inception is to find the best value components of SMSF and provide them to you, so that you can get on with the most important task- investing your money.

For Advisers

We have been working with Financial Advisers and their clients since inception. We can help you to build a sustainable, scalable SMSF business where you concentrate on advice and not administration.

Our quality systems and processes make sure that your clients SMSF are always up to date and compliant, with everything you need online. We can provide technical and compliance support when you need it. Supervision SMSF can partner with you to create a total SMSF package for your clients.

If your advisory practice needs to consolidate all of its clients in one place OR get started creating a new SMSF business, we can help. Fee packages can be negotiated depending on your investment choices for clients.

Get Started

Upon reading and satisfying yourself that an SMSF is right for you, we would welcome you to act and establish your SMSF, like so many others have with Supervision.

Time does not wait for anyone to get their financial affairs in order. We have limited time to accumulate and grow our wealth, so the quicker you get started, the quicker you can change the course of your financial future. Call a Supervision SMSF consultant or get started by completing the online application form now!

Our SMSF Packages

Take Control

The Take Control package is ideal for the vast majority considering a Self Managed Super Fund. It is an excellent starter package to grow your superannuation wealth.

More Flexibility

This is an ideal offering for those who may not only wish to take control of their superannuation but also seeks greater flexibility than what is offered in the ‘Take Control’ package.

Total Peace of Mind

This is an ideal offer for those who wish to take control of their superannuation and seek maximum flexibility beyond that offered in the ‘Take Control’ and ‘More Flexibility’ packages.

Set up an SMSF or transfer an existing account

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