What is included in each Package

All Packages Include:

Supervision complete all of the below regardless of your chosen package. Each year Supervision will complete all of your compliance requirements for a simple monthly fee. You don’t need anyone else to lodge returns or complete Audits, everything is included by Supervision.


  • Audit
  • Tax Return
  • Daily Administration
  • 24/7 Online Portfolio Access
  • Portfolio Reports
  • Electronic Signing of Year-End Documents
  • Annual SMSF Review
  • Online Documents
  • Portal: Portfolio & Fast Links to Investments
  • Email Support
  • Learning Resources
  • Telephone Support
  • Access to Investment Strategy Builder
  • Access to Financial Advisor

Platform & Account Services:

  • Bank Account Establishment
  • Term Deposit Establishment
  • Share Trading Platform

What is not covered in our package fees:

  • GST Registration or BAS Completion (GST is not compulsory or worthwhile in many circumstances)
  • Audit contravention reports
  • Financial Advice Fees
  • Any uncompleted prior year Tax Returns when transferring
  • ATO Supervisory Levy
  • Actuarial Fees
  • Any Investment, brokerage or Legal fees associated with purchasing and selling Investments
  • Mailbox Services

Our Packages:

Take Control

The Take Control package is ideal for the vast majority considering a Self Managed Super Fund. It is an excellent starter package to grow your superannuation wealth.

More Flexibility

This is an ideal offering for those who may not only wish to take control of their superannuation but also seeks greater flexibility than what is offered in the ‘Take Control’ package.

Total Peace of Mind

This is an ideal offer for those who wish to take control of their superannuation and seek maximum flexibility beyond that offered in the ‘Take Control’ and ‘More Flexibility’ packages.

Talk with an SMSF Expert

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