Fee Schedule

What’s included?

When do you Pay Fees?

Get Started – Complete the Online SMSF application and Supervision will send you instructions on how to pay. Transfers of Existing SMSFs with outstanding returns and audits will be subject to fees for the years Supervision is requested to complete. Please ask for a quotation for prior years today by contacting our office.

Up & Running – Your SMSF pays monthly fees on a designated day each month. Fees will be directly debited from your account each month.

From Time to Time – If your SMSF needs extra accounting and administration work due to your activities, your SMSF will be required to pay for that service. If the activity is not listed on the fee schedule a quotation will be given before any work takes place.

About our Fee Schedule

Please note the fees and charges quoted above are the fees your SMSF will pay to Supervision SMSF only. Supervision SMSF is not in a position to quote you for every fee that an SMSF will encounter in its first year or beyond because every SMSF is different and the amount and frequency of those fees vary from SMSF to SMSF. The ATO Supervisory levy is a compulsory fee for all SMSFs regardless of the administration or accounting company you choose. Constant changes to the levy and its calculation method have made a quotation here impossible. To check the amount of the levy payable at the source, please <click here>

Refund Policy

Supervision does not provide refunds for fees already paid. If you have paid 12 instalments of your monthly fees, Supervision will provide an annual taxation return and Audit. If you decide for another firm to complete that return, those fees will not be refunded.

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