SMSF Borrowing Application Form

5 steps to getting SMSF Borrowing started

1. Apply

Fill Out this application Form. You need to know who you are borrowing from.

2. Receive Package

Supervision will provide you with a custody Trust Agreement to sign.

3. Loan Details

Complete your SMSF loan schedule details.

4. Final Package

Supervision will provide you with all the documents your lender needs.

5. Finalise

All of the borrowing arrangement documents are ready for settlement.

What is included in this Service?

  • Bare Trust (Custody Trust) Document
  • Company to act as the trustee for the Bare Trust Document.
  • Information sheet on standard naming conventions for investments purchased under this arrangement.

What isn’t included in this Service?

  • Legal advice on the appropriateness of this structure for your SMSF.
  • Legal advice or costs associated with stamp duty requirements in the state jurisdiction of purchase.
  • Legal sign off for banks.
  • Investment advice in regards to the asset purchased.

Need Help?

Supervision SMSF are here to help, so if you are having trouble with the questions in the SMSF application, it is better to consult with us to get it right than to finish incorrectly – Call today 1800 693 863

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SMSF Establishment & Administration

All areas of this form are required to be completed correctly. Any omissions, corrections or changes to the application form may result in delays and/or additional fees.  Your SMSF specialist adviser can assist you or complete it on your behalf.

Please ensure that you read and understand the Terms & Conditions regarding the services this application relates to.  Once this application form has been completed, you will be directed to confirm your application and pay for the establishment of your new SMSF.