SMSF Setup: Get Started

SMSF Setup: 5 easy ways to get started with your SMSF

1. Apply

Complete our SMSF setup online Application Form. All information required is included in this application. Once this is done, the SMSF setup process will be underway!

2. Receive Package

You will be sent a package in the mail containing all of the documents required for SMSF setup. Sign these documents.

3. Establishing

Your documents for your SMSF setup will be received by Supervision and all of your accounts will be established.

4. Final Package

You will receive a Final Package of documents that will enable roll overs, employer contributions and copies of documents for your records. This completes the SMSF setup process.

5. Manage

You will receive information and login details from all providers about how to use the online platforms to get the most from your SMSF setup.

What do I need to get started?

  • Make sure you have read the Important Documents
  • Have your Tax File Number ready
  • Have your Drivers Licence ready

Need Help?

Supervision SMSF are here to help, so if you are having trouble with the questions in the SMSF application, it is better to consult with us to get it right than to finish incorrectly – Call today 1800 693 863

Apply Now

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SMSF Establishment & Administration

All areas of this form are required to be completed correctly. Any omissions, corrections or changes to the application form may result in delays and/or additional fees.  Your SMSF specialist adviser can assist you or complete it on your behalf.

Please ensure that you read and understand the Terms & Conditions regarding the services this application relates to.  Once this application form has been completed, you will be directed to confirm your application and pay for the establishment of your new SMSF.