Total Peace of Mind

This package allows you to use any supplier or asset that you want.

If you want to choose your own existing broker, bank or term deposit provider you can in the “Total Peace of Mind” package.

We know many people are comfortable with using the services and providers they currently do business with. We are not going to convince you of the merit of our providers, so we are happy for you to stay with your preferred providers in this package.

This package opens up the whole universe of investment choices too. Non-traditional SMSF assets are also allowed in this package including: Unlisted Shares, Crypto Currency, Options Trading, Managed Portfolio’s, International Assets, Commercial Loans, Precious Metals, Collectables and many more.

In this package with your own providers, you will gain access to our online services, keeping your SMSF up to date daily when data feeds are available.

We can also help you with access to financial advisers, estate planning specialists, mortgage brokers and insurance experts if you are looking to take your SMSF to the next level.

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