How a receipt capture app will make your life easier

receipt capture app

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11 April 2022

Do you struggle looking for receipts for business purchases at the end of the month?

Or heaven forbid, the end of the quarter?

Throw out that shoebox, empty your glovebox and clear out your wallet! Reclaim your time and get out of the office!

Our tip is to use a receipt capture app – For as little as 30 dollars a month you can capture receipts on the run:

– Take a pic of your fuel receipt while you’re still at the servo

– Forward your internet provider’s monthly invoice straight to the app

-Keep all your expenses in one easy and convenient place

Let the app do all the heavy lifting for you – it codes and processes the invoices/receipts for expenses straight to your accounting package.

There’s a variety of receipt capture apps out there in the market – and some are better than others.

At Supervision we work with all of the proprietary systems and can help you transition into a smooth and user-friendly process!

Beware of any free offerings as most of them can be clunky, difficult, and frustrating to use.

A receipt capture app will make your life easier – your bookkeeper and accountant will love you as all the information they need is conveniently saved in your accounting file.

When the time comes and the ATO does audit you, your books will be neat and tidy.

And remember, it’s now when, not if – the ATO will audit you.

Who doesn’t want to spend less time in the office? Get a receipt capture app today!

It will be one of the cheapest and most effective investments in saving time for you and for your business!

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