Our People

Clinton Reid had a vision for an SMSF accounting service that provided up to date accounting and investment information for detailed analysis. For some reason or another, it was hard to find. Average service often accompanied huge bills. Lower fees allowed no service at all.  After trialing all of the major administrators, he decided to build a service that he was happy with and Supervision was born.

As a planner, Clinton needed accuracy and immediacy.  He also needed compliance standards that meant his clients were protected from the ATO at all times. Supervision Superannuation Services was the output of Clinton’s desire to do it better.

Chris Homer joined the group in 2005 with the goal of implementing ongoing changes.  Introduction of business systems to speed up manual tasks and improve accuracy was at the top of the list and it has been a driving force which has pushed Supervision to where it is now. A business devoted to speed, accuracy and great value for money.

Supervision SMSF was one of the founding users of Class Super which is Australia’s most advanced SMSF accounting package.  The team understood very quickly the level of efficiency that the system can deliver when coupled with data feeds and other efficiency boosters.  Automated Real Time SMSF administration was made possible by the combination of Class and our improved business systems.

Recently Supervision has expanded its services to include Business and Trust Accounting.  This occurred because our existing clients demanded it and we can now do it with speed and accuracy through Xero. Xero is a cloud accounting package that is able to take much of the heavy lifting out of creating accounts and management reports.  Xero has evolved and improved to make integration with other applications easy.  A single software package can’t do everything, but Xero can integrate with third party applications to provide your business with a customised solution which is the secret to success in today’s modern age.

The team want to leverage technology to improve your Business, SMSF, Family Trust & Investment Portfolio accounting.  The improvements to speed and accuracy give our team more time to spend with you improving your overall personal wealth.

Supervision believes in reducing waste, with practical solutions like electronic signatures for tax returns and electronic notifications to reduce the amount of waste our business produces. If we can do our work with less impact on the environment we will be the first to try.

At Supervision our team motto is “Race Time” and we hope to live it every day. We aren’t your typical accountants and we like it that way.


Vicky Krishnamurthy – CA, MAcc, B.Comm

Senior Accountant

Vicky has a deep understanding of business people and their families.  Vicky’s passion is providing vital financial information for her clients, so that they can make the best financial decisions in their business.  Vicky is passionate about education and building the skills needed to succeed in an ever competitive and fast paced environment.  Vicky’s hard work and determination is the perfect compliment to your business success.

Eric Zhou-CPA, M.Acct, GradDip.Comm(Taxation)

Senior Accountant

Eric is a highly motivated Senior Accountant who enjoys getting down and getting it done.  Eric’s experience with various entities enables him to produce outstanding work for customers.  He may be quietly spoken but his determination to get the best results for you can’t be understated. Eric is a vital and awesome addition to the Supervision team.

Chris Mok – B.Comm

Intermediate Accountant

Chris joined Supervision from an academic accounting background. Chris began his career at Supervision under the SMSF team establishing and maintaining SMSF’s.  Chris is now working with our Business clients to get awesome results out of Xero and up to date accounting.  Chris is there to help clients with their needs and provide them with fantastic service.

Melissa Weber – CPA

Senior Accountant

Melissa comes to Supervision with vast experience working with small to medium businesses across Perth.  Melissa works hard to get the best outcome for her clients whether it is better processes or saving more tax.

Chantelle Douglas

Team Administrator – Bookkeeper

‘Determined’ is how we best describe Chantelle.  Everything she does is with purpose and with the end goal in mind – “better customer service”.  Chantelle may be the first person that you speak to when calling our offices.  Chantelle is responsible for regulating the amount of work in the office and making sure that our customers understand our electronic signing, or what documents are required to get tax returns finished.


Satoko Hirose-Barber – CPA, B.Comm

Senior Accountant

Satoko has vast experience in SMSF and has a very customer focused approach to how she does everything. Her knowledge not just in SMSF but across business and other trust entities gives her a unique ability to complete even the most complex accounting requirements. Her SMSF experience and qualifications are an awesome resource for knowledge and Satoko is tireless in her pursuit of excellence.

Pina Reid

Associate Accounting

Pina is highly experienced in the use of Accounting software Class & Xero. Pina was instrumental in the establishment of Class and Xero at Supervision and this experience is invaluable in enabling our customers to get the right support, which is where Pina excels. Pina is always willing to help you to complete required tasks or get your SMSF details up to date.

Divya Jain

SMSF Establishment Specialist & Associate Accounting

Chris joined Supervision from an academic accounting background. Chris works hard to make sure that all SMSF’s are created speedily and correctly. Chris is your go to man when it comes to Roll Overs, and other establishment tasks. He expertly establishes and transfers existing SMSF’s ready for real time accounting which he also completes for customers.

Yasser Jaunbocus

Senior Accountant

Yasser comes back to Supervision Group and the SMSF team with excellent technical expertise and a long background in SMSF administration and taxation.  Yasser’s experience started with establishing SMSF’s at Supervision Group and grew at his previous stints in public practice firms.  His experience with Supervision systems and process plus his hard earned technical abilities makes him a very valuable addition to the SMSF team.

Supervision Group

Clinton Reid – Dip FP F Fin MAICD

Managing Director

Clinton is the founder of Supervision. His vision is for accounting services to be  proactive with the most up to date information available is what drives Supervision Group to keep investing in its systems and processes.  Clinton has a passion for sports including AFL and has served as treasurer and President of a successful Perth Cricket Club.

Chris Homer – Tax Agent, B.Comm, Post Grad Cert (Accounting)

General Manager

Chris’ role is to make sure that new customers are ready to get the most out of Supervision’s SMSF services and to help create great customer experiences. Chris has been developing the business systems and processes since joining Supervision and will continue to work to help clients with better understanding the opportunities that SMSF can provide.

Lillian Oh -CPA, GradDip FP, JP

Compliance Manager

Lillian is Queen of integrations and product research at Supervision Group.  Lillian thrives on problem solving especially when it means delivering a better service to clients.
Her compliance, business and Civic experience makes her well placed to understand how to improve a business with systems and processes.  You may see Lillian around at your next music concert or Perth Wildcats game.

To speak to Supervision contact us on 08 9367 9655