SMSF – Statistics July 2021

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13 September 2021

Here are the topline numbers from the July 2021

  • Largest net establishments since 2016 of 23,125 SMSF’s added to the number of existing SMSF’s. Wind ups are down to record low numbers.
  • Total Number of SMSF are 597,900 with 1,114,529 members
  • Combined net value of $789,672 Million [$789 billion] = $822,045 Total Assets – $32,373 Total Liabilities (Borrowings)
  • 5% of all SMSF assets are invested in Cash & TD’s
  • 19% invested in Listed Shares
  • 48% invested in Residential Property
  • .026% invested in Crypto Currency ($212 Million)

As an SMSF increases in $ Value the % of cash in the SMSF gets lower.  SMSF’s valued at between 1-50K have a weighting of cash of 49.8%.  SMSF’s greater than $50 Million in size have 12.5% invested in cash. The decline in % is consistent across the value cohorts.

In contrast the level of investment in listed shares remains steady at an average percentage weighting of 25.2% across all value SMSF’s.

As SMSF’s get larger in size they increase their weighting in unlisted trusts.  SMSF’s valued between 1-50K hold only 2.7% in unlisted trusts all the way to 21.7% for SMSF’s with a value of over $50 Million. 

The largest cohort of SMSF members still resides in the members aged between 75-84 (13.7% of Males & 11.3% Females) however the age gap is narrowing with younger SMSF trustees starting to make up greater percentages.

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