Supervision SMSF launches new SMSF Solution- Media Release

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24 March 2015

Innovative and progressive firm Supervision SMSF has combined a perfect blend of online real-time services with flexibility and choice in its new service offering recently launched. The three packages available recognise there is a diversity in the attitude and values of investment assets held by SMSF trustees. All service packages provide on-line daily administration of the fund and all the necessary annual accounting, taxation, compliance and audit reporting obligations. Additionally every trustee is subscribed to “Super Gateway” where they can access to view their investment portfolio balance and performance, navigate to external investment platforms to undertake transactions, access important fund documents or draw on a suite of tools and calculators. An annual tax planning session can also be included.

Supervision SMSF currently offer solutions for cash accounts, online share trading, term deposits, share research, life insurance, managed share portfolio service, audit, legal and actuarial certificates. Solutions like the online share trading and term deposit platform, are selected because of their ability to be integrated with the SMSF’s central bank account resulting in more efficient information sharing and elimination of the administrative burden to clients or their advisers.

Since establishing in 2002 Supervision SMSF have provided their expertise and services through a wholesale network of independent financial advisers, stock brokers and accountants. The company wants to continue to extend its wholesale strategic alliance network with like-minded quality and client focussed professionals who provide specialist advice.

Managing Director Clinton Reid said ‘We recognise the importance of a high-quality professional network where clients are able to draw on specialist strategic, investment, insurance or estate planning advice. SMSF is no longer expensive or complicated. We now deliver SMSF set up for just $799 with a Corporate Trustee or Free with Individuals as Trustee. The end to end SMSF solution including daily administration, online gateway, annual accounting, audit and tax return is delivered from just $82.50 per month or $990 per annum. Lower administration, audit and accounting fees empower the trustee to engage professional advice and maintain lower total costs. Our aim is to enable anyone that wants an SMSF to be able to have one.

Reid added, ‘Consumers are beginning to do the sums and know that saving an extra thousand or two thousand dollars a year in fees add up to a considerable amount in the longer term. We have all seen the ads for many years on TV comparing super funds and the benefit of lower fees. SMSF offers maximum control and flexibility and now without the complexity and high price tag. We are keen to discuss and explore, with advisory professionals, how together we can assist to increase the opportunity and to enable Australians to realise their goals and aspirations. We have an opportunity to show the world how efficient and successful this sector of our superannuation system will be for current and future generations.’

It is an exciting period in financial services and we at Supervision SMSF are continuously improving and expanding our menu of solutions and services. Visit our website or call for confidential appointment on 1800 693 863.

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