Have you received your SMSF Induction?

Written by Supervision Group

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20 July 2015

Supervision SMSF has been conducting induction meetings for some time with new clients. Not only does it help people to improve their SMSF knowledge but also how Supervision can put it all together for you. We provide this induction as a free 1 hour information session. Our clients hear important information that will make life easier for them and also ask specific questions they have before they go too far on their SMSF journey.

Supervision have always believed that information about Super is vital to growing your overall financial literacy. We know that clients that go through the induction feel at ease with the system and tend to view Super in a more positive light than before.   They also get the sense that Super has suddenly become real to them because they have direct control over it. More confidence leads to greater contributions, more care and diligence and better retirement outcomes. Why is this the case?

People have some funny ideas about the Super system. Many think that there is no tax, whilst others think the Government double dip. The people that have these opinions are highly educated and have high paying jobs, so something is wrong with the information people are receiving or not receiving in this area. You often get the impression that peoples cynicism about Super system stops them from embracing and engaging it to their advantage.

In the induction we break down these myths with the facts. We talk about how your Super is taxed and how it is calculated. Currently tax free pension incomes make Super extremely tax effective vehicles. For most they are only taxed at 15% also during your employment lifetime which is an incentive to save.

We would encourage all SMSF members to attend an induction. If your current SMSF accountant or administrator does not offer this service, come and speak to us, it may not be the only thing you are missing out on.

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