Leaders in Business Spotlight – Brad Raynor (Director – COGNITO)

Written by Supervision Group

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11 July 2024

Supervision has been working with Brad for the past 6 months, improving the design of our business and creating the right platform for our continued growth.

The Value of Creating Purpose for Better Leadership:

There are so many reasons why having a clear purpose is important to business owners and leaders inside of business.
3 major reasons are explained below.

1. Guided Decision-Making

Purpose serves as a guidepost, aiding leaders in ensuring that the best decisions are made, and they align with our collective purpose.

  • Leaders with a service focused purpose are released from having to make all the decisions in the business as they build
    the capacity of others to unlock the potential now, build a secure future and receive the freedom they desire.
  • Purpose guides who make decisions, how decisions are made, what decisions are made and most importantly what happens when decisions are made, and the outcome is not positive.

Remembering that by our actions we shall be known.

2. Resilience

  • In challenging times, purpose fuels resilience, allowing leaders to navigate obstacles with unwavering determination
    and additionally change direction when the data and evidence shows us.
  • Leaders who are not clear on where they are going cannot pivot, adjust, improvise, and overcome.
  • Business and leaders’ resilience is built with clear purpose and aligned behaviours.

3. Team Alignment

  • A shared sense of purpose fosters cohesion, aligning team members toward collective success.
  • Teams cannot be aligned when everyone is choosing their own adventure. That’s why building teams that have a clear purpose with the power to refine the purpose will take your organisation to amazing places we never thought possible.
  • If you would like to learn more about improving teamwork in your business or where you work, please feel free to contact us for more information about our experience and how to make change happen.

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