The Problem with the FUTURE

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3 February 2024

Superannuation is a system that is intended to benefit us in the future. Unfortunately, we never experience the future; it’s always the present moment. Winning in life is putting all the pieces in place today (to the best of our ability) so that we feel positive emotions now.

For example, I have decided to get some financial advice to contribute more money to Superannuation and devote it into a long-term investment.

Taking action should reward me today with positive feelings of action and peace of mind that I have acted. Action does not guarantee the outcome, but the act of doing something positive replaces negative feelings of regret and neglect.

If positive action takes place with the right amount of care and intelligence, the chances are that the decision will reap its intended reward. So by taking action today, we can all bring forward the awesome feeling of freedom that financial mastery provides.

If you have been thinking about taking action financially, please speak to your financial adviser or speak to Supervision about how we can connect you with the best in the business.

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